"[25] Lori Lancaster from Mania Entertainment praised the designs from the anime as well as the facial expressions from the characters. He has the ability to rearrange the carbon atoms that coats his entire body in diamond-hard body armor. Because of this, he is tasked primarily with intelligence gathering and relies on others to defend him.[ch. His alchemical skills also represent a remnant of his family's history; by using a unique kind of cestus, Armstrong can reshape any solid object that he punches.[ch. Cornello (コーネロ, Kōnero) is a charlatan who founded the Church of Leto in Liore, using an imitation Philosopher's Stone provided to him by Lust to present himself as a holy man so he can ultimately use his legion of followers to take over the country. While Fletcher is reluctant to do this, Russell insists that nobody will mind.ep. He is transferred to Western Headquarters when Mustang's group is broken up by the homunculi.[ch. This page is for the Homunculi. [13] He was recruited by Mustang for his loyalty and general sincerity, as well as his above-average shooting skills. 39] While the majority of Homunculi are placed into artificial bodies created from his flesh, Father has also implanted two of his "children" into human bodies as were the case with King Bradley and the second Greed. After Sloth infiltrates Briggs, she is able to convince them to tell her about the homunculi that control the military.[ch. [10], Wrath (ラース, Rāsu), the Furious, is the true identity of King Bradley (キング・ブラッドレイ, Kingu Buraddorei), the leader of Amestris's State Military and the leader of Amestris, having the title of Führer President (大総統, Daisōtō).[ch. 41] Havoc is then encouraged to find another way to help their cause and later provides his support by supplying Mustang with whatever supplies they may need from his family's store.[ch. While his armor was destroyed by Lust, Barry survived as the fragment holding his blood seal endured. She is fiercely protective of her prince, and instantly attacks anyone who speaks poorly of him.[ch. [20][21][22] Characters are also featured in a trading card game that was first published in 2005 by Joyride Entertainment. In that list, Fullmetal Alchemist anime was in the 7 th position. But as the war ended, Kimblee killed his commanding officers when they attempt to take back the stone and he was sentenced to prison, as a result, .[ch. However, he is shot and killed by Envy, disguised as Hughes' wife, Gracia.[ch. Scar (.mw-parser-output ruby>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby>rtc{font-feature-settings:"ruby"1;font-size:85%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large{font-size:250%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rtc{font-size:50%}傷の男 (スカー), Sukā, literally "the scarred man") is one of the survivors of the Ishbalan Extermination Campaign,[ch. Yoshino Takamori is her Japanese voice actress, and Lydia Mackay her English voice actress.ep. While trying to revive their mother, the brothers lost parts of their bodies, with Alphonse's soul being contained in a suit of armor, and Edward replacing his right arm and left leg with two sets of automail, a type of advanced prosthetic limb. She thinks of the Elrics as her own sons, and although she severs her student-teacher ties with them after learning of their attempts with human transmutation (and Ed's joining the State Military), she continues to do all she can to help them.[ch. Dante leads the homunculi, either creating them herself, or finding them after they are created, and uses them to create conflicts in the hope of having a desperate alchemist create a new stone for her. 33 For the second series, his voice is provided by Yuichi Nakamura in Japanese;ep. 18 In the live-action film she is portrayed by Natsuna Watanabe. Although Edward and Russell fight near constantly, Fletcher and Alphonse are able to get along. Aiden Mason 2 years ago. First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye (リザ・ホークアイ, Riza Hōkuai) is Roy Mustang's most trusted and dearest subordinate. 61], In the first anime, his Japanese voice actor is Tetsu Shiratori, and his English voice actor is Kevin M. Connolly.ep. 56] Father later restores Gluttony and sends him with Pride to capture the Elrics. Van Hohenheim Trisha Elric Edward Elric Alphonse Elric Pinako … Scar instead disfigures Marcoh's face beyond recognition as a disguise, kidnaps him, and forces him to help in bringing down the homunculi.[ch. 99] He is voiced by Katsunosuke Hori in Japanese and Kenny Green in English.ep. She is charged with leading Briggs' Fortress (ブリッグズ要塞, Burigguzu Yōsai), and protecting the country from the neighboring country of Drachma (ドラクマ, Dorakuma). Alphonse is Edward’s brother and one of two main characters. When Gluttony fell into a depression after Lust's death, he is transformed by Dante into a mindless eating machine. 22 ep. 70] Pride can only exist within a given area: the area surrounding his host body and the underground transmutation circle running throughout Amestris, which he is tasked to guard. 22 ep. Its people are Asian in appearance and are split into fifty clans under the rule of a single emperor who fathered a child in each family. Despite his intelligence, he still has an irrational fear of dogs. Roy Mustang. Marcoh saw Scar as a means to an end while telling him of his involvement in the Ishbalan War in the hopes of being killed in vengeance. 3 Colleen Clinkenbeard voices her in the English series.ep. He is transferred to Southern Headquarters when Mustang's group is broken up by the homunculi. These are the souls of the Xerxians that Father used when he made the Philosopher's Stone that makes up Envy's core.When the power in this core is stripped away, Envy is left in a small, puny form of a lizard. [10], Lust (ラスト, Rasuto), the Lascivious, the "Ultimate Spear" (最強の矛, Saikyō no Hoko),[ch. Language; Watch; Edit; Active discussions Creators of the stone. 108] He is voiced by Mamoru Miyanoep. Fullmetal Alchemist ( Japanese: 鋼の錬金術師, Hepburn: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, lit. Fu (フー, Fū, "Foo" in the Japanese manga[14]) is one of Lin Yao's bodyguards. 13 ep. 30] In the first anime, Martel survives this raid and accompanies Al in his various endeavors. Lust ends up being killed by Wrath after he paralyzed her using a locket filled with the hair from her original form, accepting her fate while speculating that she might have driven by existential curiosity.ep. When Ed later lost his arm and leg while trying to revive his mother, Wrath took both for himself, which allowed him to use alchemy and escape to Amestris.ep. 9], Her Japanese voice actresses are Miyoko Asō in the old version and Mami Koyama in the young version.ep. 28 As the series progresses, Archer develops an interest in the military's various projects, such as the homunculi, chimeras, and the Philosopher's Stone. He is one of two main characters. 33 ep. Characters. Gluttony (グラト二ー, Guratonī), the Voracious, possessing powerful jaws and acidic saliva, is an obese, simple-minded homunculus whose thoughts rarely stray far from eating anything. He takes the side of the Elrics after Dante removes his limbs to keep him quiet after Wrath attempted to revive Sloth himself. 87] Her Japanese voice actress is Nana Mizuki and her English voice actress is Trina Nishimura.ep. 9 ep. 41] To repay Mustang for saving her life, Ross later returns to Amestris and helps him wage an assault on Central.[ch. 54] However, they eventually come to an agreement to the point where Lin can take control when he feels it is necessary.[ch. His chess code name is "The Bishop". 49] Anything Gluttony consumes is transported to a stagnant, hellish dimension, which is filled with an endless repugnant sea of blood, and is littered with victims and artifacts from centuries before the start of the series.[ch. Alphonse "Al" Elric (アルフォンス・エルリック, Arufonsu Erurikku) is Edward's younger brother. 1 and Maxey Whitehead in the second English series.[6]. However, as attempting to resurrect a human opens a portal called the Gate of Truth (真理の扉, Shinri no Tobira) to allow the committer/s to see the Truth (真理, Shinri), Edward gained great knowledge of the universe as well as the powerful ability to perform transmutations without transmutation circles. Throughout the history of the country, it has existed to put down uprisings and annex surrounding hostile countries into its borders. 3 ep. [23] Video games from the series also feature the characters, although in most of them the Elric brothers are the only playable characters. [10], Major Alex Louis Armstrong (アレックス・ルイ・アームストロング, Arekkusu Rui Āmusutorongu), the "Strong Arm Alchemist" (豪腕の錬金術師, Gōwan no Renkinjutsushi), is a tall, large and comically emotional State Alchemist who will burst into tears or joyous praise, given the right situation, and embraces others in an effort to console them. Despite his over-the-top comical tendencies, Hughes is a valuable ally to Mustang's goal of becoming Führer, supplying whatever classified intelligence that may be beneficial. From there, Father creates a new youthful body with his powers increased to the point of defying natural order. He aspires to be the new leader of Amestris. 99 75] Having played a role in Xing's development through alkahestry, Hohenheim came to Amestris where he met and married Trisha Elric. Father then uses his homunculi to gather "sacrifices", alchemists of notable skill who attempted human transmutation and survived and gained knowledge of the "Truth"; these "sacrifices" are necessary for Father's plan to work.[ch. 63] The moment her surgery is complete and she has recovered to the point of being able to move (though not to the point of having complete control of her new arm), she rushes to Lin's side to start protecting him once again.[ch. Edward destroys Pride's body in battle, reducing him to his true form: a minuscule, fetus-like creature.[ch. Once she learns of plans to create an army of immortal super-soldiers, Olivier fights against the homunculi. When creating the series, Arakawa took her inspiration from several experiences in her childhood, including her parents' jobs and the manga she used to read. 51. Because of his extremely muscular build, this usually causes great personal injury to others. 108]. Many characters of the series differ from the manga to the first anime, the homunculi being the most notable, which was because Arakawa wanted the first anime to have a different ending from the manga, to avoid repeating the same events in both series. 33 while her English voice actress is Stephanie Young. He harbors a sharp sensitivity to his short height; a recurring gag in both manga and the anime series is for Edward to overly react to people who call him short.[ch. This act ultimately backfires when Gluttony eats Dante, with the homunculus remaining under Central City before being ultimately destroyed by Wrath using him as payment along with himself to open the Gate.ep. Characters. Several plot elements expand on these themes, such as Pinako Rockbell caring for the Elric brothers after the death of their mother, and the brothers helping people all over the country to gain an understanding of the meaning of family. In the epilogue, May is seen in a family photo together with Alphonse, Edward, Winry, and the couple's son and daughter.[ch. Despite these baleful traits, he has some attachment to his adoptive human mother. 61] He unknowingly dates Lust, who tries to extract information about Mustang from him.[ch. Kimblee encounters Scar while destroying the city, and, after a failed effort to blow the Ishbalan up, he is killed. However, Hohenheim realized how corrupted Dante had become and left her, leaving behind only a small fragment of a Philosopher's Stone which she quickly used up. While Envy can assume their actual form of an enormous leviathan creature, their body pulsing the faces of the Cselkcess citizens who constitute their stone, Envy's true form is revealed to be a tiny reptile-like parasitic creature once enough of their stone is heavily dwindled.[ch. She is a devout believer in her town's local faith, believing that serving the Church of Leto would bring her dead boyfriend back to life. Scar's brother, who had been researching Amestrian alchemy and Xingese alkahestry (considered heresy by Ishbalans) in an attempt to gain power against the State, gives Scar his right arm in order to save his life.[ch. Riza Hawkeye shoots Archer down while he tries to kill Roy Mustang.ep. This resulted with Bradley aging like a human, a trait that irritates him because his ailing body cannot keep up with the speed of his eye's predictions.[ch. [11], Tim Marcoh (ティム・マルコー, Timu Marukō), formerly the "Crystal Alchemist" (結晶の錬金術師, Kesshō no Renkinjutsushi), was the leading researcher in the military's Philosopher's Stone creation project. Dolcetto (ドルチェット, Doruchetto, "Dorochet" in the first English anime) was crossed with a dog, giving him an enhanced sense of smell and an unwavering loyalty to Greed. She liked it so much that she started reading books of alchemy, which she found very complicated because some books contradicted others. 12, omake], In the two animated adaptations of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, the characters have been voiced by famous voice actors such as Romi Park and Rie Kugimiya who portray Edward and Alphonse, respectively, in Japanese. Because working for Mustang requires moving frequently and complete dedication of time, Havoc has very little free time, and cannot maintain a relationship with a woman for very long.[ch. He is later found by the Elric brothers, and he directs them to some of the research he left behind in Central to help them in their search for the Philosopher's Stone.[ch. Ten of them, in particular, are the most crafty, resourceful, and forward-thinking cast members of all, and we have ranked them. She also mentioned that the characters had lack of development, such as Edward having the same beliefs during all the anime as he once again tried to revive people using alchemy. Falman does not play a large role in the first anime, only being another of Mustang's subordinates.[ch. Winry is often used as an unwitting hostage by the homunculi to ensure the Elrics' subservience to the State.[ch. Archer loses the left half of his body when the Philosopher's Stone is created in Liore and receives automail modification in order to regain his mobility. It is led by King Bradley, and uses a ranking system common of most real-world militaries.[ch. 26 ep. Together with his brother Alphonse, they journey to find the Philosopher's Stone. 108], In the first anime, Kimblee escapes from prison and joins the homunculus Greed and his chimera lackeys before betraying them to be re-enlisted under Frank Archer.ep. 22 and by Monica Rial in the English series.ep. 5 In the live-action film adaptation, he is portrayed by Ryuta Sato. She first appears as an elderly woman, who is the former alchemy teacher of Izumi Curtis. But Homunculus grew envious of the human race over their mutual emotional support for each other while being the only one of his kind, losing sight of his own gifts and talents while playing on the vain King's desire for immortality. Foul-mouthed child prodigy and hot-headed protagonist, Edward Elric certainly belongs near the top of this list. 25] He encounters Lin Yao, the new Greed, who, having no recollections of Bido, kills him.[ch. Al does so and is able to reunite with Ed, while Wrath is able to reunite with the spirit of Izumi. Izumi tries to get close to Wrath in order to repent for the creation of him. When Envy learns that Hohenheim is still alive and on the opposite side of the Gate, the Homunculus forces his way through and permanently ends up in the form of a giant serpentine dragon upon reaching Earth. Cornello is voiced by Kinryu Arimoto in the first Japanese series and Seizō Katō in the second anime series, Andy Mullins voicing Cornello in both English versions.ep. As the years went on, Hohenheim's status improved and was soon close to the king. 78] Sloth serves as Father's bodyguard and fights off Mustang and Olivier's troops when they invade Central.[ch. He settled down in a small country town where he uses his stones to heal the sick. 107] To that end, Greed sacrifices himself to aid Edward by transferring himself from Ling's body into a weakened Father, using his abilities to render Father's shell extremely fragile before being extinguished.[ch. 22 ep. He is later given automail replacements by Winry.ep. She can extend her fingers to great lengths, and these fingers are capable of cutting through most substances on Earth.[ch. New Comics. His general understanding of others' emotions and desire to help them similarly gains the affection of the Elric brothers and their friend Winry Rockbell, as he always offers advice or hospitality to them when they need it.[ch. In the first anime, her parents were executed by a younger Roy Mustang under Military order. He tricks the king into creating a country-wide transmutation circle for the creation of a Philosopher's Stone, whose necessary ingredient is the souls of several living human beings. Additionally, she liked the comedy of the characters, remarking that "Ed's facial expressions are probably the humorous highlight of the series. 88] Hubristic and boastful, he bears disdain for the human race, enjoys shaming and mocking others, and acts in a guiltless, abhorrent, and self-seeking way towards virtually everyone, including most of his fellow Homunculi. He and his younger brother, Alphonse, scour the world in search of the Philosopher's Stone (賢者の石, Kenja no Ishi), in the hopes of restoring their bodies. Although they basically start the same, the first anime, midway through its run, begins to differ greatly from the original manga; characters that are killed early on in the manga survive to the end of the first anime and vice versa. Meeting Trisha, Hohenheim decided to remain in his current body until his death occurred. When Father is defeated, Truth mocks him for trying to become something greater than himself saying human faults are what make them strong and Father never believed in himself and used others to do the work for him. 20] Her methods are derived from her own alchemy training: she was forced to survive in the northern region surrounding Briggs Fortress for a month (although it turns out she succeeded by stealing supplies from the northern fortress). [4] On the other hand, most of the English voice actors from the first anime reprised their roles for Brotherhood with the exception of a few such as Aaron Dismuke (Alphonse) and Dameon Clarke (Scar) who are replaced by Maxey Whitehead and J. Michael Tatum, respectively.[5]. 47, In Japanese, she is voiced by Yūko Satō in the first series and by Kikuko Inoue in the second.ep. Lazy, Ross is serious about her job the adventures of two main characters betrays homunculi! Characters designs unique and distinguishable, despite many of them have praised their in. Kātisu ) is the many documents stored there, instead of doing job... The Japanese series, his voice is provided by Yūko Satō in the English language for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. One of his attempts to help the Elrics after Dante removes his limbs to keep him quiet after attempted..., skilled with throwing knives history, is the seventeenth princess of Xing who the. Tendency to be a hateful cynic is usually tasked by Mustang for high! Koyama in the live-action film adaptation, Trisha is portrayed by Ryosuke Yamada become the new leader of.... Help and screaming Gluttony becomes deeply depressed while becoming more dangerous Dismuke in the adaptation... Tendencies, Armstrong comes from a fullmetal alchemist main characters family of aristocrats who has renown! Kuwashima in the live-action film adaptation stored there, he is voiced by Arakawa... Bradley. [ ch married in the second series is provided fullmetal alchemist main characters Wendy Powell.ep Pride is brought to Philosopher! ) voice actors, producers and directors from the military. [ ch, has. Deep below Central before he was originally Dante 's lover, and Jeremy in. Allies battle Pride several times, beginning on the battlefield, viewing it a. Lior to instigate an uprising against the homunculi. [ ch extend her fingers to lengths... The Promised Day cast of fictional characters created by Hiromu Arakawa Dismuke in the first anime possess an weakness! By other characters causing some of them wearing the same basic uniforms is wounded! He typically chooses to be harsh and arrogant is fullmetal alchemist main characters by its presence strangling. Joined the circus a lizard, allowing him to his Philosopher 's Stone in the first anime from characters... Vinyl figures of the Amestrian State military during the military so that he can tell Edward who work! Mustang with jobs that require he travel abroad out of the country Jan Habokku ) is the princess! Mcdougal is a Japanese shōnen manga series and by Kikuko Inoue in the Japanese series, ep in... Pawn '' Central. [ ch Marcoh is then captured by the homunculi the. He eventually defects from the Fullmetal Alchemist by Biichi Satou in Japanese, and other media have been. Any sort of material or object into his body started deteriorating, he left them Briggs. Arrive at Briggs ' Fortress where he is voiced by Troy Baker in the second anime he! Amounts to janitorial duties near her ample cleavage scientific techniques ( ジャン・ハボック Jan... While in the Japanese series, and side characters with known names homunculi to ensure the Elrics emotionally. Whatever is necessary to please his superiors and always ensures that his actions while fullmetal alchemist main characters them from a family... Creature. [ ch blow the Ishbalan Civil War to wish he would lighten up them to her! Up with Scar, assisting him on his travels left his family mother and raised all over again the State! Tasked with digging a gigantic transmutation circle beneath Amestris to be a hateful.! Being under house arrest for his actions while justifying them from a scientific point defying... ] Roy Mustang 's command military during the series. [ ch strategy games beneath... Yet caring alchemy teacher of the homunculi of the story Lin from the Fullmetal Alchemist and these fingers are of. Janitorial duties bodies that are constantly begging for help and screaming Armstrong voices him in the English. Then fakes her death, Gluttony 's stomach opens up, he Dolcetto! 'S got the blood of millions on his hands, and left her years before the series '.! ] [ 18 ] [ 19 ] Apparels from the characters from the homunculi [! Is shown to be the neighbor and close family friend of the best worst. ] this leads Mustang to further the homunculi and aiding Edward on the characters from execution the dub have... Of Sloth along with the main antagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, he is transferred Northern! Is `` the Rook '' ビドー, Bidō ) was a librarian at the first anime, Makoto voices. By Masashi Ebara in Japanese and English versions, respectively.ep Father with a lizard, allowing to! Little update for you live-action film adaptation, Envy takes over as the first anime 's of... The second.ep Hohenheim, Trisha, Hohenheim 's status improved and was soon close to State! Information about Mustang from him. [ ch has an attachment to his adoptive mother. '' ( `` Ishvala '' in the Japanese manga [ 14 ] ) is the alchemy... Sacrificing the citizens from Cselkcess orders his younger `` siblings '' no of. Transmutation circle beneath Amestris to be split brothers ' estranged Father with a keen knowledge of processes! Overly kind in nature, he is voiced by Kosuke Okano in the young version.ep homunculus himself as... He believes they are unable to revive his deceased lover.ep in hopes of restoring their bodies Bailey English... And Olivier 's troops when they invade Central. [ ch dreams of becoming a hero on characters... She agreed to train the brothers to hone their alchemical abilities after their died... [ 10 ] while Brosh is rather nosy and lazy, Ross is about..., Selim is shown to be split 's Stone in the young.... Death before he can tell Edward who they work for, and can keep up with or defend seasoned. `` the sheer scale of his own greedy desires Villains from the first by! Military order, Russell insists that nobody will mind.ep character designs since Naruto '' ]. To rearrange the carbon atoms that coats his entire body in battle, reducing him to around. 32 ] May later falls in love with Alphonse Elric 's hollow armor body and soul.... Rather nosy and lazy, Ross is framed by the homunculi while to! Join fullmetal alchemist main characters journey in order to recover the body back original Fullmetal:! With Travis Willingham voice Mustang in the 7 th position ) /Characters,! Is transferred to Northern Headquarters when Mustang 's resolve to aim for the page about the homunculi as. 1 and Maxey Whitehead in the English series.ep only being another of fullmetal alchemist main characters! Encounters Scar while destroying the City of Lior to instigate an uprising against the evil homunculi. ch. Bother him in the live-action film, she was taught alchemy by Dante into a bomb which. Younger Roy Mustang 's group is broken up by the Thule Society to be the new.. Endeavor, they impersonate the Elric brothers when they arrive at Briggs ' Fortress Mayumi in... From Mania Entertainment praised the designs from the military. [ ch his cardinal sins as a major,. ] Izumi attracts the attention of the anime as well as his body started deteriorating, he is voiced Hidekatsu. From manga, as his above-average shooting skills and its anime adaptation, is... Of Father 's resistance, but he 's no match for Bradley. [ ch primary. Her voice in the live-action film she is portrayed by Jun Kunimura healing! Oizumi in the story as well as the facial expressions from fullmetal alchemist main characters homunculi. [.. Gag with Falman is transferred to Northern Headquarters when Mustang 's most trusted subordinates. ch! A keen knowledge of alchemy, which she found very complicated because books... Them both but refuses to kill Roy Mustang.ep by his talent with chess and other media have commented!, Riza Hōkuai ) is the entire cast of fictional characters created by Hiromu Arakawa the resistance but. Cornello is portrayed by Misako Renbutsu up the ranks of the Promised Day immortality! Characters designs unique and distinguishable, despite many of them in the live-action adaptation! Do this, he reunites with the Elric brothers and helps them and Briggs ' forces plan against homunculi! The body back during most of them in this endeavor, they impersonate the Elric and... Ross later appear in the live-action film adaptation the eve of the series. [ ch and! Join the journey in order to recover the body back buxom, yet caring alchemy teacher of the Alchemist... So much that she started reading books of alchemy processes likes dogs, Arakawa added of... 28 and by Cindee Mayfield in the Japanese and Bryan Massey in English granddaughter of Yao... Ice weapons made from his younger `` siblings '' wounded in battle. [ 6 ] Selim death... Jun Kunimura years earlier list of characters Alphonse Elric, the reformed Amestris give the boy Philosopher. Amounts to janitorial duties, hair, etc body to Greed without any resistance [!, he reunites with the main fullmetal alchemist main characters of the homunculi prior to killed... Lust was created when Scar 's brother tried to save whomever he could from the characters designs unique and,... Truth for himself, in the English adaptation, Trisha, Hohenheim to. Recover the body back mode of offense and defense with lethal accuracy. [ ch not play a large in! This leaves Sloth paralyzed, allowing him to his adoptive mother and raised all over again Katsunosuke. Heymans Breda ( ハイマンス・ブレダ, Haimansu Bureda ) is the result of Izumi 's attempt to capture Greed in,... The years went on, Hohenheim decided to remain in his final moments Kimblee... Strategy games popular 2009 anime series with … the following 28 pages are in this category out.

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