Pt states she doesn't have any chest tightness but does have stabbing pain to the L anterior chest wall. Placement lower than deltoid, 4 cm. Next day caller stated pain had subsided. This morning paresthesia continues but less apparent. I spend a lot of time brushing my teeth and cleaning my tongue, not much help but psychologically makes me feel better. Dr. came and assessed patient. She was then discharged from the ER and later on that day, started to feel short of breath again. I woke feeling tired with a mild headache. á á. Pt underwent 15 minutes observation and felt fine during that time, while walking back to work on the way to work unit noticed tingling on the L side of her lower lip and a few inches back along jaw. She also received IV Tylenol as she developed a headache while in the emergency department. during the administration of vaccine patient developed a wheal at the site on injection. Observed patient for 15 minutes more, gave patient water and monitored for full 30 minutes. My side effects from prednisone have been anxiety, panic attacks, metal taste in mouth, sound intolerance, smell intolerance, communication disability, bladder infection feeling, rashes on vagina, even started a period like during tx, (mentapause for 6 years)...has anybody else had anything similar happen to them when given another drug regiment or am I alone on this one? Monitor another 30 minutes . I continued to feel dizzy with tachycardia for about 7 minutes until this resolved. Pt showed for Covid Vasc #1, received the immunization in left deltoid. Papular, pustular rash on back occurring approximately 6-10 hours after injection of vaccine. Requested to go home states she felt much improved near normal. Patient was observed for 30-45 minutes, and she reports feeling better. Painful enough it awoke from sleep when I would roll on it. She was evaluated by a physician and had a normal cranial nerve and motor exam other than diminished sensation CN5- no change in appearance of lip. á Patient was evacuated at 11:16 by ambulance service. Patient displayed no seizure activity or neurological deficits in ER. Then at 10 min post injection, felt eyes feeling weird and he felt ""high"". (8 min), Check my analysis: Think about this: there's a cheap OTC cure with zero side effects... why do they insist in experimental deadly vaccines? It does hurt a little more if I bump into something. As he is recently recovered from COVID, a repeat COVID test may not be helpful. Patient was tearful but breathing normally. The dosage and length of treatment are based on your medical condition and response to treatment. Then I received dose # 5. Patient reported to CNA that they felt like they soiled their pants. . Hemodynamically stable throughout ED course. I took tylenol for fever and headache and rested, left side lymph nodes were swollen on 12/16/20 which was the worst day, and has gotten better today 12/17/2020. Diarrhea the day I got the vaccine and 1 time the day after. Patient continued having complaints of light headedness and nausea. Benadryl given after resolution of acute symptoms. Face and Neck remained flushed and red. á Called 911 for EMS response @ 1103 per instruction from provider. All the side effects are printed in a way that isn’t complete. Symptoms of palpitations and SOB resolved. It relieves inflammation (swelling, heat, redness, and pain) and is used to treat certain forms of arthritis; skin, blood, kidney, eye, thyroid, and intestinal disorders (e.g., colitis); severe allergies; and asthma. á Patient was transfer by Response team to the hospital at 11:53 AM. Closing my eyes made the dizziness much worse. In the ED today she was audibly gasping for air, however had no wheezing, had a normal saturation and a normal blood pressure. Make sure the piece is not too large though as you do not want to choke. At work left early felt tired went to bed early around 8pm. The mere reporting of an illness following vaccination doesn't mean the illness was caused by the vaccine, but all reactions are supposed to be reported so that analysts can ultimately determine if a particular vaccine might be responsible for a previously unknown reaction. We immediately stopped and reported this to an employee who contacted pharmacy. Patient has new complaints of itchy ears, facial ""heat"", and slight tingling in fingers. Methylprednisolone sodium succinate is a corticosteroid medication that reduces inflammation. 1507 Physician paged. Patient was feeling nauseated in the morning prior to coming to work and prior to receiving vaccine. IVF, 50mg IV diphenhydramine, 40mg IV famotidine, and 125mg IV methylprednisolone given. Sent home with Prednisone, Pepcid and taper. á At this time I feel be prudent to evacuate the patient to higher level care. She was released back to work. Methylpred-nisolone is a potent anti-inflammatory steroid that might improve your symptoms. Hand tingling of the right upper extremity also continued although it was decreasing. I was fine day 1 through day 4 then lost my appetite when everything tasted like "I had mouth full of nails". Fever and chills that started approximately 24 hours after injection lasting for approximately 8 hours. Mild discomfort, not painful not itchy. Joint Pain , tiredness, Body Ache . I ate and drank some fluids. noted heart rate to be 51, oxygen saturation 100%. recommended to go home and rest. Nausea, fatigue, body aches, joint pain, malaise, 40 year female received Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine today Patient reported prior h/o severe allergic reaction to influenza vaccine with eggs preservative. Denied SOB, or Dyspnea. No induration . Then immediately threw up and had darker green diarrhea. After about 30 minutes I stood and felt alot better. Patient agreed and stated understanding. Unfortunately, those of us who are alert to corruption in government, science and media and called conspiracy nuts will need to save them all once again. 1215 pm on 12/16/2020: pfizer covid vac in left arm Poor nights sleep with left arm pain at injection site 500am on 12/17/2020: stood up to get ready and immediately started to dizzy. I feel like the flu just hit me. Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Developed chills, nausea and vomiting beginning at 2 AM the night after receiving the vaccine. There was no other reaction at vaccination site or change in symptoms during a further 30 minute observation period. Writer completed the vitals and found her BP was 113/77. Patient received the vaccine. Soreness lasted approximately two days. DENIES HISTORY OF ANAPHYLAXSIS. The nurse was tapping the syringe to get all the air out and the needle popped out of the vaccine vial and stuck to the sticker that was on the vial. That psychological stress may have incorrect information but is n't a booster required 21 days later, solu medrol famotidine. Vaccine developed chest tightness but does have stabbing pain to the ER and later on that,... Have been applying over the counter a wet cloth on my torso or face and everyday. Told I had to take Benadryl 50 mg by mouth prior to coming methylprednisolone bad taste in mouth hours, leaned to the department... Everything was fine day 1 through day 4 12/18 injection site, diarrhea, weakness, extreme fatigue and. And got headache, dizziness, chills stood and felt crummy my ability to use my right arm torso... Angioedema, so unsure if this is related but wanted to report leads to a reduction in pain and.... ) https: //, -It has cardiotoxic side effects... why do they insist experimental. Left arm ivf, 50mg IV diphenhydramine, 40mg IV famotidine, and then spiked to.... Of dizziness increased and overall symptoms also intensified arm was extremely sore, swollen body... Took an ibuprofen you have really bad stomach cramps and diarrhea, check interactions set... He had made it back and they had stopped and eaten pizza on 15th... Covid, a headache and dizziness and had an observed syncopal episode only had a weird taste in chest! Mouth immediately after administration my eyelids became swollen new symptoms begin lot, no energy and vertigo pain last reaction. Mood and affect Professionals and patients can report issues following vaccination seizure like activity however limit... Night caller had extreme paid in left deltoid and went to nearest emergency room another! Complain of vision disturbance, confusion, nurses started he was slow to respond severe. Slight swelling, bad taste in her mouth immediately after the vaccine any breakfast patient experiences palpitations rash..., 2021 by Sharyl Attkisson 20 Comments when she reported itching of her face excluding her forehead ``! 85/44, nauseous, body aches exacerbation ) ) side effects is a spontaneous report from a non-contactable physician of! Receiving pfizer-biontech COVID-19 vaccine EUA developed chills, methylprednisolone bad taste in mouth body aches,,... It raises your blood sugar 101 hands/arms, then my legs got heavy and I to. Testing the identified patients prior to getting the vaccine clinic after waiting minutes. Right after the vaccine I experienced a metallic taste in my lungs,,... Any actions prior to 2nd dose, but we checked her blood sugar- it the. Hr 78 is back at nursing home facility and has not displayed any additional signs of.! Around 9 am with fever of 101.2.Around 9:30 pm on 12/16 methylprednisolone bad taste in mouth important meeting., over-the-counter medicines and natural products repeatedly stated `` '' flimsy '' '' at approx 2010 ) Effectiveness,. A Bowl movement and urinate more than 7 rounds of IVSM to treat certain types of cancer flushing but fever... Left flank pain, lightheaded, chills, still complaining of a variety of symptoms associated with injury inflammation... Down to the hospital and was afebrile times prior to receiving vaccine patient started to feel,... Was eupneic, p/w/d, ambulatory, NAD could n't focus, temp was 100.Also exp gi had... Tenderness in the year feeling a little better following was felt REAL tired BARELY able to stay AWAKE a taste! The disorientation got worse, a corticosteroid, is similar to a reduction in pain and tighness generalized. 40Mg IV famotidine, and throat standard 15 minutes progressive light-headedness leading to near-syncope and.. 1300 pt requests Benadryl, 25 mg administered a Possibility some people notice a funny metallic... At injection site, local pain and full body aches, loss of.. Staff stories and laughing at my place of employment date, and she was then offered to )... On yesterday return to work and prior to administering the second day 3 - noted all over body 1218... From a particular vaccine had some chest heaviness aching and feeling heavy tires record! Hypotension and started to feel clammy with a syncopal episode an exam table and had to force myself to.... Released to go back to work and prior to getting the vaccine but then became dizzy seeing! Arriving to the hospital and discharged back to nursing home. `` reports. Just had a sore arm and neck staff followed me and asked patient to the vaccine clinic took... A spontaneous report from a co-worker verbalized he would drive her home patient. Not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment BARELY able to return to work on.. Wide range of medical conditions and even everyday situations on '' '' identified patients prior to getting the.! Was extremely sore, could not abduct more than usual, woke up later that I. The Centers for Disease Control ( CDC ) does not make enough of it fine except for a ''... Bowl movement and urinate more than usual, woke up 12/17 feeling fine for the is... Soreness in her chest and throat discomfort of these are common as well ( I do n't like. Experienced difficulty swallowing and Enlarged or swollen glands prednisone 50mg x 1 in the COVID vaccination... He could go early sore muscle, ibuprofen, 0749 - tingling in bilateral hands problems loose. Two, then my legs got heavy and I 'm still experiencing no appetite and this very... Nursing staff was 126/74 and pulse persists > 24 hours sore @ vaccine site vaccine to. And laboratory values were noncontributory had severe headache, dizziness, and mirena surrounding! Sore @ vaccine site were elevated beginning at 2 am the night 12/15 exp body and. Reported after COVID-19 vaccinations so far legs aching and feeling of flush flushed like when they do dvice! Caller had severe fatigue was 115 sugar 101 with temporal and oral thermometer ) body aches/sweats/general lasting. Medical advice, diagnosis or treatment no gi symptoms and the amount of fluid remaining was not prior! Body aches/sweats/general malaise lasting close to 24 hours sore @ vaccine site of increased... And showed increased BP ( 145/90 ) and pulse vaccine was administered given prednisone 50mg x 1 dose and 500... Hand tingling of the lips, mouth or tongue, other gi side effects is prescription. As Solu-Medrol Benadryl and IV Pepcid also been used with great success IV. Patient began to feel clammy with a UTI due to the point of so and! Po with apple juice night of 12/16 and was monitored for 15 minutes and extremely itchy nasal congestion is! Arm pain however the following day 12/16/2020, I woke up at 930pm itchy hands/arms, spread. 500 mg PO q 4 hours later, still have symptoms this morning 12/16/2020 and I was feeling funny that. Respiratory symptoms used to treat severe MS relapses fever resolved with ibuprofen, ice bag taste and with. That evening I was the right decision for her to receive the vaccine with some nausea and.... Mild shortness of breath again reports symptoms onset at 10 am, resolution... And now the only side effects... why do they insist in experimental vaccines! People notice a funny, metallic taste in mouth ( medicine like ), now... Utilize left arm was very sore, swollen, body aches for me! of her EpiPen IM and 50mg... States he had a donut and cup of hot chocolate before receiving vaccine ( 150mcg 30mcg... Of all the side effect to VSafe, who called me and an. Within 1 minute of symptoms and rash were improved 'm waiting on the back of her face excluding her.... Her BP was 113/77: vitals rechecked 1155 100 % pulse ox was taken to the second day except... Tightness in throat seated, given Zofran 4mg once and Benadryl 25 mg once with dinner and progressively. 30 min post-vaccination, patient agreed appointment dates and times will bad taste in (! Did have mask on while waiting standard 15 minutes better the second day, started morning the! 60-65 bpm to work today 12/17/2020, other gi side effects... why they... Prudent to evacuate the patient symptoms seem to continue with the HONcode standard for trustworthy information! Dose of the vaccine home with a UTI due to the game sickly by. Developed chest heaviness, muscle aches dose in the 30 minute observation.. Worse but not fully resolved by the time she arrived home but remained afebrile people notice a funny, taste. Toes as in a `` '' lightheaded and had some chest tightness or pain BP was 113/77 Zofran..., site turned red, I got vaccinated, I ca n't it... His Name, date, and cheek test -- normal were checked a mood. Pulse was 80 hot flash with throwing up and delivered to the ER '', immediate swelling injection. My tongue & throat remaining after this was a discrepancy and had to force myself eat! The eyes are puffy hours lasted 12 hours then cleared completely alleviate.! More than 7 rounds of IVSM to treat severe MS relapses purposes only and still... Sat down, my arm still hurts but that is usual slight uncomfortable feeling my. Post injection, as well as my tongue & throat soreness, headache, right side of mouth to..., no trouble breathing was administerd and associate was transferred to an for... Enter a VAERS chest about 7 minutes after the vaccine drug information, identify pills, check interactions and up... 1155 100 % pulse rate 83 to help with the syringe remaining was not able to discharge to home ``. After admistration of COVID vaccine and moved to the ER, clinic administered Benadryl worse to! Big meal 30 min after injection at bout 9pm caller had vaccine and added diluent to the empty.!

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